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How Much Does It Cost To Send Courier From India To USA

Sending a courier from India to the United States can be an efficient and convenient way to transport goods, documents, or personal belongings. However, one of the primary concerns for individuals and businesses is the cost associated with international courier services. In this article, we will delve into the factors that affect courier costs, how to calculate expenses, cost-effective tips, additional charges to consider, and popular courier services for India to USA shipments..

Courier Charges For USA From India

0.5 Kg Charges To USA

INR 1900

1 Kg Charges To USA

INR 2200

2 Kg Charges To USA

INR 2800

3 Kg Charges To USA

INR 3600

4 Kg Charges To USA

INR 4200

5 Kg Charges To USA

INR 4800

6 Kg Charges To USA

INR 5600

7 Kg Charges To USA

INR 6200

8 Kg Charges To USA

INR 6800

9 Kg Charges To USA

INR 7200

10 Kg Charges To USA

INR 7500

10+ Kg Charges To USA

INR 780 per Kg*

20+ Kg Charges To USA

INR 750 per Kg*

30+ Kg Charges To USA

INR 720 per Kg*

50+ Kg Charges To USA

INR 690 per Kg*

100+ Kg Charges To USA

INR 590 per Kg* 5-12 Working Days

Factors Affecting Courier Costs

1.Distance and Destination

Distance and Destination play one of the crucial role to affection courier costs. Cost / Price of the shipment/ courier is completely depending on Destination and the charges vary on the behalf of destination. For e.g if the shipping cost for courier to USA for 0.5 Kg Charges To USA is 1900 INR then it might be possible that the charges for other international courier could be more or less.

2. Weight and Dimensions

Secondly, weight and dimension of courier / shipment can also affect cost of the courier. If the weight of your courier is more then the price will be rely on that and if the dimension of your shipment is more then the price of your shipment will be rely on it. For e.g suppose shipment weight for USA is 0.5 Kg and the dimension weight of your shipment is 1 kg then the price will be chargable for 1 kg.

3. Delivery Speed

third factor is Delivery Speed in this we offer different type of prices for USA courier from India depending on the delivery speed. For e.g Suppose if someone wants to send their important document and he or she want to get it delivered in 3 days, in this condition we offer express courier charges for USA and of course prices will be on higher side. On the other side, if someone wants to get delivered his or her courier without time boundation then we will offer him / her an economy courier services and price will be lower side.

Cost-Effective Tips for Sending Courier from India to USA

Packaging Optimization

Optimizing package to reduce weight and dimensions, which ultimately lowering the cost of the shipment and balance your pocket. Here below are some tips and trick to optimize your package when you send it to USA:

  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the package design to identify areas where weight and dimensions can be optimized.
  • Explore alternative materials and technologies that can reduce the overall weight of the package without compromising its structural integrity.
  • Evaluate the current packaging components and identify opportunities for downsizing or redesigning to reduce dimensions while maintaining functionality.
  • Incorporate advanced packaging techniques, such as nesting or stacking, to maximize space utilization and minimize the overall dimensions of the package.
  • Implement innovative structural design strategies, such as corrugation or honeycomb patterns, to reduce the weight of the package while maintaining its strength and durability.
  • Collaborate with suppliers and manufacturers to identify lightweight and compact alternatives for individual components, such as lightweight plastics or eco-friendly materials.
  • Consider the overall logistics and transportation requirements when optimizing the package, aiming to reduce shipping costs and improve efficiency.


1. Q: Are there any size restrictions when sending a courier from India to the USA?

• A: Yes, different courier services have specific size restrictions for shipments. It's important to check with the chosen courier service provider for their guidelines.

2. Q: Can I track my courier from India to the USA?

• A: Most reputable courier services offer tracking facilities, allowing you to monitor the progress of your shipment online.

3. Q: Are there any prohibited items when sending a courier from India to the USA?

• A: Yes, certain items such as hazardous materials, illegal substances, and perishable goods are generally prohibited. It's crucial to check the list of restricted items provided by the courier service provider.

4. Q: How long does it typically take for a courier to reach the USA from India?

• A: The duration depends on the chosen courier service and the type of service selected. Express services can deliver within a few days, while standard services may take longer.

5. Q: What happens if my courier gets lost or damaged during transit?

• A: Reputable courier service providers offer insurance options to cover lost or damaged shipments. It's advisable to opt for insurance coverage to protect your valuable items.

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